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Minecraft Tower Defense - Items!

2011-11-06 19:06:30 by AmazingAdam4

Welcome back Newgrounders to the second update of the latest game by me, Lewis (the awesome graphics guy) and Bill (the crazy director/balancer)! Last time if you check previously we merely announced the project and a few minor details. Today I'll list you out the items!

Items work by earning resources, dropped by defeated mobs. On the side of a path (grass blocks shown) you can buy dispensers which fire whatever their contents at mobs. On the path you can buy traps which do various things.

- Egg dispenser, fires weak projectiles at mobs. Cheap and effective.
- Snow dispenser, fires super weak snowballs which freeze mobs for a moment.
- Arrow dispenser, fires long range projectiles doing 3x as much damage as eggs.
- Fireball dispenser, fires weak fireballs which push mobs back.

- Cactus, holds mobs back for a few seconds until destroyed. Almost useless on high waves.
- Water trench, slows down mobs on contact.
- Lava trench, hurts mobs on contact.
- TNT, detonates 3 seconds after being placed. Kills ANY enemies in 2 block radius but also destroys nearby items.

It may seem items are limited BUT all items (except cactus and TNT) can be upgraded twice!

Comment your thoughts and suggestions! Thanks guys <3

Minecraft Tower Defense - Items!


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2011-11-06 19:49:23

Looks cool!
I will look forward to playing it.


2011-11-06 20:25:05

You can place traps on sand blocks.


2011-11-06 20:25:19

How many different Enemies will there be? and If you have endermen make sure they get damaged by water

(Updated ) AmazingAdam4 responds:

Don't worry, Endermen and water are covered :)
Check out for the next update for all mobs!


2011-11-06 23:01:27

Freakin Awsome!


2011-11-07 01:51:59

water trenches for slowing mobs? why not soul sand + cobweb ?

AmazingAdam4 responds:

It'd be absolute impossible for us to create a fun tower defence game following full Minecraft rules. Besides water does slow down mobs in Minecraft so it's all fine :)


2011-11-07 13:07:05

There will also be an ability to make a map ?

AmazingAdam4 responds:

You got it. You can dig any path you like... Providing you don't cross lines. So it's up to the player to work out the best paths to build.


2011-11-07 17:09:21

You could use ender pearls to teleport a group of enemies back to the beginning of the path (it would need a cool down though). Also you could have the new enchanter as some sort of boost object.
I will be happily waiting to play this, have not seen to many promising Minecraft flash games.


2011-12-03 16:17:41

It's fun. I've never played Minecraft before, but from what I've seen you've done a good job creating a minecraft themed game. I don't know about anyone else, but my fireball gun doesn't seem to work, and it has the same design as the freeze gun. I don't know if this is a bug or not. I also have a suggestion to make an end wave, because players may design to well of a defense that it's completely unbeatable.