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Newgrounds rules!

2011-12-04 19:29:47 by AmazingAdam4

Hey there, I am talking about you!

After the release of Minecraft Tower Defense, I have to say, you guys are so supportive. There was little to no trolling and when I asked for your 'finest critique' you gave it. Hats off to Tom Fulp for obtaining a great community. Other sites such as Kongregate were such whiners so again, thanks.

If you've yet to play Minecraft TD or any of my other projects for that matter, go ahead and keep the feedback coming so one day I can bring you the ultimate flash game experience... I did say 'one day', so bare with me on that one. :)

Love, Adam!


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2011-12-04 19:46:27

Newgrounds seems to be hit or miss when it comes to helpful criticisms ... however I've noticed how Kong and Armor are often like the YouTube of games.

While I'm not a huge fan of Minecraft, there's plenty of MC love on NG. That said, the utmost respect to any individual or team that completes a game with such professionalism. I hope the true success of the game is seen over time and not judged by it's short run as of yet.


2011-12-04 20:59:41

I do agree Newgrounds does rule not just because that they are very supportive of Minecraft but also its just an awesome and addictive website for playing games, looking at other peoples art work,and reading blogs. One thing I love about Newgrounds is that if you get a certain amount of experience points than you can unlock a secret item which is really exciting!


2011-12-05 10:29:36


AmazingAdam4 responds:

No problem man :)