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Adam Fridays - Easter Eggs!

2011-08-20 06:13:05 by AmazingAdam4

Welcome to my first video for Our Realm. I am Adam, the lead game developer in Sick Studios and today I'm giving a run through of some of the easter eggs found in my games. So sit back, enjoy and subscribe :)

Links to Sick Studio games:
Halo Galaxies 2 -

Vexation -

Vexation 2 -

Welcome to Sick Studios!

2011-08-04 19:10:22 by AmazingAdam4

Hey there fellow Newgrounder!

I welcome you to Sick Studios first blog/news post ever! Some people may know me as AmazingAdam4, but now, I'm proud to say you have pushed me much further. You have inspired me to set up my own development group focusing purely on satisfying you hungry internet gamers!

On this blog we will be following the development and milestones of our latest projects. Also, you'll be pleased to hear you will not find this information anywhere else. It is completely exclusive to Newgrounds since I cannot get enough of the community here.

Thank you for reading, be sure to check back in a few days guys to find a new release:
Vexation 2!

Love, Sick Studios!

POST CHALLENGE: Tell me your favourite flash game through commenting below and if I agree with you, you will find your name on the Vexation 2 credits! You must be fast as the release date is shortly creeping.

Welcome to Sick Studios!

Vexation 2 Weekly Post - Stage Builder

2011-07-10 16:33:48 by AmazingAdam4

Thank you for coming all to another week following the launch of Vexation 2. Sit back and enjoy the read.

Prior Vexation 2
Not tried the first vexing game in the series? Just go here:

Play Vexation

Once you have played that game please comment improvements to ensure Vexation 2 delivers the experience you desire. Much love <3

No More Draft
This is likely the best addition to the Vexation sequel ever. Sure in Vexation 1 it was a blast to play the carefully crafted stages and try achieve Gold in each act. It was fun, but not as interactive as it potentially could have been. This window has now been closed. We present the stage builder!

What is the Stage Builder?
Well... In Vexation 2 not only can you play awesome stages made by me, you can also make your own stages or play others made by the community! Using every block, enemy or swinging pole available you can simply drag and drop a stage to life. Once a block is selected you can easily increase or decrease the width and height and should you need to be super precise you can enter the x and y co-ordinates manually.

Unlocking the Stage Builder
From the moment you press the play button the stage builder is unlocked. It may be unlocked but you cannot use it's full capacity immediately. You can only use an item if you have seen it already in game. For example, you can only use pushable blocks once you have completed Act 5 Stage 4 (the first stage they appear on). Now you creative players have an incentive to get to the end!

Have YOUR NAME on the Next Vexation Game!
You heard me right there folks! Because the stage builder uses a huge string to read and build it's stages for you play; not only can you copy the code in game and send it to a friend, your friend can then paste the code and play your new map. Now, if you send this code of your awesome new map to me, I will evaluate the game and if it's among the Top 50 stages I will whack it in "Vexation 2: Community" with YOUR NAME proudly tagged along!

And that wraps up this week of Vexation news. I hope your creative side is a lot more buzzed up about Vexation 2's release now.


Vexation 2 Weekly Post - Stage Builder

Vexation makes 100,000!

2011-07-05 18:04:22 by AmazingAdam4

My fourth flash game has made 100,000 views in total!

Give it a go and perhaps I may make 250,000 one day. Thank you Newgrounds, you have helped massively with this milestone.


Once you have played that game please comment improvements to ensure my next project delivers the experience you desire. Much love <3

Okay, so as my previous post shows the reveal of my new title: "Vexation 2" I intend to blog the development every step of the way, every week. Since Sunday is a casual, chilled day I thought it should be today.

Hey there. Thank you for stumbling into the very first weekly post anticipating the run to Vexation 2's release! I am the lead developer of Vexation, Adam, and also the lead developer of Vexation 2 and I'm here to fill you in on the sweet features going into Vexation. Hope you enjoy reading.

Prior Vexation 2
Not tried the first vexing game in the series? Just go here:

Once you have played that game please comment improvements to ensure Vexation 2 delivers the experience you desire. Much love <3

When Parkour meets Platforms
I'm sure if you see my previous post you must have noticed Vexation 2 has a substantial amount of new features and mostly a much more dynamic stick man. Now, as well as just running and jumping you can grab block corners, crouch under deadly obstacles and easily jump from wall to wall.

Won't all these new abilities make a once super simple game complicated? Not a chance. A lot of talk was discussed when introducing the new abilities and how to integrate them effectively. Ultimately, we chose to not change a thing. To use the abilities you are merely use your preferred control setting, using the same four buttons as always! It feels awesome.

Goin' Up
A huge limitation in the Vexation AS Engine was the ability to travel upwards. Sure you could go horizontal but going on a bounce block to find yourself flying in mid air for a while just felt awful. Now the background moves with you. Improvement!

Alright that is it for the week. Next week is completely dedicated to one of the new game modes (yes game mode!) with screenshots. Have a great week.

The sequel is under way!

2011-06-05 05:55:05 by AmazingAdam4

Hello all!
Now if you haven't already played my previous game: Vexation, play it now. It is an annoying puzzle platform game which is super simple.

So, the new project is: Vexation 2!
It consists of the same stickman in similar dynamic yet simple stages. However, our good old friend has mastered the art of free-running and knows a few more tricks in which to help him in his quest of clearing the acts.

Below are three of the brand new features coming with Vexation 2!
So remember kids, keep an eye out for its release!

The sequel is under way!

A new Halo game? No way.

2010-01-25 15:58:15 by AmazingAdam4

You be pleased to hear (I hope), that I am currently working on the a new Halo flash game, titled: Halo Galaxies 2. Now your all probabaly thinking:
'But the first one was so appauling, why make a sequel'. The answer be I was a noob then; all those many months ago. This time its gonna be classical halo greatness. The sequel includes:
- 35 mission campaign
- Ranking system with every Halo 3 rank to achieve.
- Completely revamped graphics.
- Freeplay Mode; allowing you to play survival test and own a personal upgradable hornet to use in throughout 'Freeplay'.
- A whole mix of the halo saga soundtrack thrown in at just the right moments.

I hope after hearing that, you just cannot wait!
The picture shows the first peak at the new menu layout and ranking system. (its not usually squashed up like that)

A new Halo game? No way.

Finally my tablet will be coming back to me...
It all started when I was making a dudey animation when it just stopped working. So I was confused and it was broke. I had to save up or a new one and finally I have enough money to buy one. So I will do soon :D