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New Vex game released and I'd love your opinion!

2017-11-03 13:30:36 by AmazingAdam4

Hey all,

I'm thrilled to let you all know that we've released a brand new Vex game today. Vex is available on iOS & Android for free packed full with 40+ stages, 75+ unlockables characters and global leaderboards!

Play Vex! (iOS link)


If you were a fan of the Vex series a few years back I'd love to hear your reviews!

iOS App Store  ➡️
Google Play Store  ➡️

Hey Newgrounders, long time no speak.

After the successful launch of Vex 3 we've decided to take a turn at making much larger games. And so we created a huge space adventure called Quad Core.


Quad Core is currently on Kickstarter so we can fund the development full time! If you were a fan of our previous games then you'll love our new title, we just need your help. No amount is too little, and every share or tweet is massively helpful. Thank you, for all of your support and feedback after 8 years on this site.


Check out the trailer below:

Love, Adam :)

Minecraft Tower Defence 2!

2012-02-26 17:58:07 by AmazingAdam4

Hey Newgrounder!

Here at Microwave Games we have been hard at work on a formerly 'super secret sequel' which is now announced as Minecraft Tower Defence 2! It comes with tonnes of new features, items and missions, its the sequel you've been asking for!

For more periodic, weekly updates, like our facebook page at:

Love Adam, Lewis and Bill <3

Minecraft Tower Defence 2!

Newgrounds rules!

2011-12-04 19:29:47 by AmazingAdam4

Hey there, I am talking about you!

After the release of Minecraft Tower Defense, I have to say, you guys are so supportive. There was little to no trolling and when I asked for your 'finest critique' you gave it. Hats off to Tom Fulp for obtaining a great community. Other sites such as Kongregate were such whiners so again, thanks.

If you've yet to play Minecraft TD or any of my other projects for that matter, go ahead and keep the feedback coming so one day I can bring you the ultimate flash game experience... I did say 'one day', so bare with me on that one. :)

Love, Adam!

Minecraft Tower Defense - Items!

2011-11-06 19:06:30 by AmazingAdam4

Welcome back Newgrounders to the second update of the latest game by me, Lewis (the awesome graphics guy) and Bill (the crazy director/balancer)! Last time if you check previously we merely announced the project and a few minor details. Today I'll list you out the items!

Items work by earning resources, dropped by defeated mobs. On the side of a path (grass blocks shown) you can buy dispensers which fire whatever their contents at mobs. On the path you can buy traps which do various things.

- Egg dispenser, fires weak projectiles at mobs. Cheap and effective.
- Snow dispenser, fires super weak snowballs which freeze mobs for a moment.
- Arrow dispenser, fires long range projectiles doing 3x as much damage as eggs.
- Fireball dispenser, fires weak fireballs which push mobs back.

- Cactus, holds mobs back for a few seconds until destroyed. Almost useless on high waves.
- Water trench, slows down mobs on contact.
- Lava trench, hurts mobs on contact.
- TNT, detonates 3 seconds after being placed. Kills ANY enemies in 2 block radius but also destroys nearby items.

It may seem items are limited BUT all items (except cactus and TNT) can be upgraded twice!

Comment your thoughts and suggestions! Thanks guys <3

Minecraft Tower Defense - Items!

You read right! The next Sick Studios game to hit the flash game shelves is Minecraft Tower Defence. So what's so good about it?

- Sounds and (poor) textures from Minecraft.
- You can dig your own path for enemies to follow!
- A whole array of unique enemies.
- Lots of upgradeable towers and traps to place.

Looking forward to it? Tell us below!

Minecraft Tower Defence - first look!

That's right. It's about time I move on from the basic and incredibly easy AS2 :( For my new secret project after Ground Zero I need to be coding in AS3. Also I'd be stocking up on iPods/iPhones if I were you :)

Here's a lovely picture with my cheque! Thanks everyone... Keep playing games from me!

Yes I look like I just discovered my first erection :D

Just got my first $50 from ads! Cheers NG.

Taking a short break!

2011-08-26 11:39:07 by AmazingAdam4

Today I'll be taking the first step into my week break from flash game developing! This means no more work on my zombie RPG, Ground Zero, will be announced...

Big SORRY! :)

Want to get up to speed, check my previous posts and Youtube Channel: SickStudioGames!

Love you guys!

Gameplay footage of my new zombie RPG!

2011-08-25 13:39:49 by AmazingAdam4

Here is a quick look at how the new zombie RPG from Sick Studios is shaping up!

Subscribe for more footage and info next week!

Thanks for watching and comment below if you wanna see more development!
COMMENT THEN! Just kidding, heh.